Ricky is made from a repurposed woman's sport coat and dark grey fleece. He is a solid snuggler! 

Bat buddies are a WEARABLE plush toy, that doubles as a puppet. Each one is made from repurposed fabrics and soft fleece. Each bat has snaps that are securely attached to the end of their wings, and can wrap around your wrist either facing out, or hiding their little face like bats like to do! They also have a spot on the back that you can slide your finger between their wings and use the bat as a puppet! This is great for pretend play, teachers, therapists, and parents!

All bats measure roughly 22in long and their bodies are roughly 4in long.

The bats are stuffed with batting and poly beads to add a little weight.

***For this reason supervision is preferred with babies or toddlers playing with the toy for safety precautions.

Our pet bat buddies are the perfect friend for anxiety ridden children and adults.

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