Custom Pieces

Sometimes you just need something a little more personal to share with the ones you love. Custom octopals, custom bat buddies, and a newer personal favorite; custom baby blankets, are a wonderful way to celebrate the life of a loved one. Let us transform your precious memories into a tangible, huggable keepsake.

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Custom Octopal

Custom Octopals are excellent keepsakes for babies, new mothers, grandparents, or for loved ones who have passed away. Create a huggable toy for them the cherish forever. Custom embroidery such as names, dates, & phrases are available on all custom items.


Custom Baby Blanket

Turn your babies onesies into the perfect keepsake for you & them to cherish forever! This is the ultimate first year gift any mother would be thrilled to received.


Custom Bat Buddy

Custom Bat Buddies are a great little reminder that somebody loves you. Bat buddies can wrap around your wrist and hug you when you need to feel a little love, and they are also a finger puppet too! Send the gift of a physical hug from a missed loved one!

Customs Facts


No two custom pieces are alike. From your babies delicate NICU onesie, to your grandfathers Oxford shirts, each one is precious & we intend to treat it that way, with the utmost care & love.

Featured Left: Gift to a husband & new born son. Matching octopals made from his mothers jacket who unfortunately passed away from cancer, and was never able to meet her grandson.


Almost all custom fabric needs to be lined with a stabilizer to provide strength to the overall design as well as create stability to the structure. Most articles of clothing are too thin to be used as is, so this is a necessary step before any custom can begin. When dealing with precious fabric, this is NOT a step to be rushed- careful consideration and thought goes into every fabric cutting decision.


Onesie Octopal & Matching Baby Blanket


Customs require a considerable amount of thoughtful, creative decision making. Think of your custom order as a puzzle… certain pieces simply do not fit well next to one another. It is our job to create a beautiful, well balanced custom piece that you are over the moon happy with.


Octopal & Bat Buddy Made From Grandfather’s Oxford Shirts


You will be included during the entire creative process to ensure that your custom piece is exactly what you imagined, if not better! We can accommodate as little as one article of clothing, to as many as 50. Custom embroidery adds a level of personal touch to your piece.

Octopals From Fathers Shirt Whose Life Was Taken To Soon


Custom Octopals are typically $85, Custom Baby Blankets $100, & Custom Bat Buddies are $55. All customs are different & embroidery is not included but can be added to anything. Special requests are always welcome, & discounts will be given to more than one item created. Please email for custom requests.


A Halloween Happy Family Baby Blanket, Octopal, and Bat Buddy