“We met Lisa in Boston at SOWA where Callie absolutely fell in love with Sully. We send her updated photos now monthly of her growing with him and now its great because she can crawl over to him to grab him!”

-Ashley Skolits, Massachusetts

Sully the Sloth


Bat Buddy Gift

“My daughter received this bat buddy as a gift and we let Lisamarie know that she also makes crowns because my daughter LOVES to wear her bat buddy on her head to play!”

-Stef Rubin, Massachusetts

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 8.18.00 PM.png

An Octopus Buddy For Life

"Saw this little guy at SOWA Boston and knew he would be a huge hit with my son. And I was right! Thanks again for great communication, and fast shipping!"

-Dave Newton, MA


Custom Blanket, bat buddy & octopal

"He loves them so much, especially the bat because is easier to grab for his tiny hands right now lol the octopus he tries to scoot to now and plays with the tentacles 😍"

-Chelsea Leigh, Lake Elsinore, CA


Sully the Sloth

“Our sweet baby Violet LOVES her Sully sloth! She kicks her feet and squeals everytime she sees him. She sleeps with him at night, and he even came to the Boston aquarium the other day with us because she wouldn't leave the house without him!”

-Lauren Katz, New Bedford, MA


Octopals, Octopals, & MORE Octopals!

“The very first octopal we purchased was several years ago and my son still plays with him today, he named him Douglas. Since the Douglas, he now owns Frankenpus, Salem the Halloween Catopus, and Spots. Brixton loves them and his collection keeps growing!”

-Elyssa, New Bedford, MA


Custom Octopal & Blanket




“We saw Lisamarie at Renegade craft fair in Austin, Texas and contacted her for a custom octopal made from our daughters onsies and clothes from her first year, and she completely wowed us. We are so blown away by how thought and care went into this custom order for us it was absolutely worth every penny. She does amazing work and we cannot wait to try and do a custom Sully too!”

-Thao Swimelar, Austin, TX


Limited Edition Frankenpus!

"I cannot say enough about Lisa Marie's talents and customer service. She personally contacted me and cranked out a limited amount of her Frankenpus dolls in time for my little one to receive for Halloween. Scatter Brain Handmade ROCKS!👍👍👌🤘"

-Louis Honore, San Francisco, CA

Emma’s Story…


“Emma’a first SB toy was batty. She has anxiety and only sleeps with one toy named Gacka always. But her first night with Batty she said him & Gacka were best friends so he could stay too. The best part is he can wrap around her arm and help her feels safe and ease her anxiety!”

“We went to visit Lisamarie again today! Emma felt SO special when Lisa pulled out a bin from behind her table just for Emma to pick through! She was so excited to get another bat and see her ‘best friend’ Lisa!" today!”


“We took Emma to the Greenway today to go find her best friend Lisa! She was so excited and we let her pick out her own Sully! Her collection is growing! This is the softest toy she has ever owned! Emma takes Sully everywhere with her because he is so comforting and snuggly!”

“Emma was sick at home today but was completely overjoyed & surprised when her daddy called on Facetime with a surprise for her… her best friend Lisa! Emma picked out a Frankenpus over the phone and Lisa was so excited to show him to her and wish her to feel better! She seriously is an amazing talented person and we are so thankful to have gained this incredible new friend in our life!